have smth on

have smth on
(smb) - have information or proof that someone did sometning wrong

I think that the police have something on him and that is why he wants to quit his job.

Idioms and examples. 2014.

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  • have\ smth\ on — v. phr. informal To have information or proof that someone did something wrong. Mr. Jones didn t want to run for office because he knew the opponents had something on him. Mr. Smith keeps paying blackmail to a man who has something on him.… …   Словарь американских идиом

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  • have smth on the ball — be smart, clever, skilled She really has a lot on the ball. She should do well in whatever she chooses to do …   Idioms and examples

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  • have\ the\ goods\ on — • get the goods on • have the goods on v. phr. slang To find out true and, often, bad information about; discover what is wrong with; be able to prove the guilt of. Tell the truth, Johnny. We know who your girl is because we ve got the goods on… …   Словарь американских идиом

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